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A survey carried out by the Health and Safety Executive indicated that over half a million individuals in Britain believed that they were experiencing work-related stress at a level that was making them ill.

The Stress and Health at Work Study (SHAW) indicated that nearly 1 in 5 of all working individuals believed that their jobs were extremely stressful.

It is estimated that work related stress, depression or anxiety accounts for an estimated thirteen and a half million reported lost working days per year in Britain.

Stress can be defined as:

The emotional, physiological and psychological effects caused by a build up of either internally or externally generated mental pressure.

You’re probably wondering how stress management coaching works! The answer is quite simple.

Steppes Coaching will help you to explore the reasons why you suffer with stress, in a safe yet challenging environment, facilitated by an individualised programme to help you visualise, with great clarity, the negative consequences of actions and reactions. By using a combination of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and coaching strategies I am able to help you build a model of how you as an individual can structure your own unique experiences in life.The key lies in how we may react to a stressful situation. When stress occurs, it is because we have reacted in a negative way to the perceived stressful event, which in turn causes us to feel stressed.

Event ==> Reaction to the event (thoughts) ==> Feelings about the event

By changing the reaction to a positive one, the resulting feelings about the event also becomes more positive. This begins the process of breaking down unwanted negative beliefs and values, and leaving them behind in favour of positive actions. These actions become measured steps toward achieving new goals. Targets that seemed previously out of reach become achievable once again!

Just imagine if you could find an easy way to…

  • Manage your work and life from an alternative perspective
  • Discover patterns of thought, beliefs and values that are causing you to feel stressed
  • Identify your stress triggers
  • Change the way that you may react to these stressors
  • Build coping strategies and ways of either controlling, minimising or even avoiding your stressors
  • Set compelling goals, build motivation, and change your life for the better


Jane Baker

Jane Baker

Leadership & Management Coach

My name is Jane Baker and I specialise in performance and motivational psychology for both individuals and teams. 

My objective is to encourage and motivate individuals so that they become creative in their approach, identify and take ownership of solutions, prioritise their goals and develop strategies to achieve them.


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