Kasia Pugh

Career Development

University of Wales

Kasia Pugh

Heritage Officer

Brymbo Heritage Group

“ Jane is an individual who strives to coach others with the highest of standards, and her enthusiasm and passion is highly contagious. Following being trained by Jane on an ILM course, I gained employment in which I incorporate the skills she taught me during the course on a daily basis. The invaluable skills and knowledge Jane has shared with me will stay with me throughout my future career.”

Jane Baker

Jane Baker

Leadership & Management Coach

My name is Jane Baker and I specialise in performance and motivational psychology for both individuals and teams. 

My objective is to encourage and motivate individuals so that they become creative in their approach, identify and take ownership of solutions, prioritise their goals and develop strategies to achieve them.


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Telephone: 01656 785895
Email: jane@steppescoaching.co.uk