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Successful people are clear about what they want, and have a definite step-by-step plan of action to get it.

All the while they are motivated and empowered by a strong sense of self-belief. This is the only real difference between you and the high achievers in this world. Success is only partly about talent and luck. To a large extent we create our own success, based on our belief systems, confidence, motivation, clarity of vision and determination to succeed.

Look at the WHEEL OF LIFE and think about areas which you may need to work on to achieve a healthy balance.

The Wheel of Life

Just imagine if you could find an easy way to…

  • Become clear and specific about what you can achieve
  • Develop your self belief and improve self esteem
  • Increase your energy levels. Stop avoiding failure, start achieving success. Welcome challenges
  • Develop positive relationships with others at work, with family and socially. Develop a positive relationship with yourself!
  • Make clearer, more effective decisions. Take personal responsibility for results
  • Release creativity. Improve problem solving
  • Balance personal needs with work demands. Develop a sense of priority.

Steppes Coaching will help you clarify your ambitions and identify the strengths that you may already possess within you. You can develop new and exciting empowering beliefs that you can build upon to provide a strong foundation for a better life. I will help you to set compelling and achievable goals, and provide you with clear action plans to achieve them. You will be motivated and focused to overcome any obstacles that may stand in your way.


Jane Baker

Jane Baker

Leadership & Management Coach

My name is Jane Baker and I specialise in performance and motivational psychology for both individuals and teams. 

My objective is to encourage and motivate individuals so that they become creative in their approach, identify and take ownership of solutions, prioritise their goals and develop strategies to achieve them.


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