Emotions & Behaviour At Work                                  

The EBW Psychometric System provides a straightforward methodology where individuals can immediately identify which emotions and behaviours are inhibitors and activators to effective performance.

It focuses on emotions and behaviours that underpin organisational or individual needs. e.g. leadership potential, management of relationships, motivation to succeed,

It develops self-awareness and uncovers blind spots that cause career derailment.

As a licensed trainer for EBW we are able to help in the following areas:

  • Recruiting & selecting the right person for the role
  • Breeding a culture of success
  • Improving mental toughness by understanding individuals motivation to succeed
  • Developing self insight and personal responsibility for performance
  • Understanding organisational capability and resistance to change


Jane Baker

Jane Baker

Leadership & Management Coach

My name is Jane Baker and I specialise in performance and motivational psychology for both individuals and teams. 

My objective is to encourage and motivate individuals so that they become creative in their approach, identify and take ownership of solutions, prioritise their goals and develop strategies to achieve them.


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