Career Coaching

Change is inevitable in today’s work place.

Developing the ability to adapt and cope with these unrelenting changes comes from really knowing your strengths, your preferences, your drives and motives, where these qualities can best be applied, and what you want from your work and career.

Life is too short to be unhappy in your job. Steppes Coaching will help you to create a career and life direction that you feel passionate about – one which provides you with a unique sense of purpose and reflects your talents and gifts. We are able to offer individuals of all ages the confidential support to cover your specific circumstances such as:

  • Career Crossroads
  • Career Development
  • Career Management
  • Women Returning to Work
  • Redundancy Solutions
  • Retirement Planning

Just imagine if you could find an easy way to…

  • Gain a greater insight into yourself and your strengths, values, interests and preferences.
  • Explore new choices and identify a career and life direction that is in alignment with your personal values, preferences and strengths.
  • Have the confidence to try new things without those nagging doubts.
  • Build on your existing experience to find a new career path.
  • Strike the balance between career goals and the need for personal fulfilment.
  • Write compelling CV’s and having the tools for creating your very own marketing campaign for getting the perfect job.

Our Career Coaching programme is the perfect way to focus on YOU and your needs in a structured way.

Step it UP with Confidence — Career Coaching Programme


This is a premium 4-month coaching programme for ambitious professionals looking for career progression and to accelerate their career with confidence, make effective decisions and show up as their true authentic selves.

It is run over a 4 month period and is geared at those ready to change.

It includes:

6 learning modules online

4 coaching sessions which can be carried out via telephone, face to face (pending location) or if you have limited time through a two day intensive coaching weekend retreat.

Online support and resources via our facebook page:  

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It encompasses three main phases:

Step 1: Self-Discovery

Use a variety of vocational assessment tools to explore your core values, personality style, career interests, skills and passions. Gain a deeper understanding of your unique strengths, talents, inner motivations and personal goals.

Step 2: Explore Options & Create a Vision

Explore new life and career choices based on a deeper understanding of yourself. Determine a career/life path that utilises your unique talents, and is in alignment with your personal goals and values. Develop an inspiring vision to help keep you on track.

Step 3: Develop & Implement an Action Plan

Write clear goals and actions. Identify any obstacles to achieving your vision and learn strategies to overcome them, including how to change negative beliefs and reduce anxiety and fear. Learn skills to make the change, including resume preparation, job search strategies and successful interviewing techniques.



Case Study


An engineering graduate client requested some coaching because he was  frustrated that he could not get “through the door” of prospective Companies. He was lacking in confidence,...


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